The Pocophone F1 finally gets 960fps slo-mo video recording and night mode

The development team for Pocophone rolled out the beta build of their MIUI 10 in December 2018 for the Pocophone F1 that which carries highly-anticipated specs like the super slo-mo video recording and the special night mode for the stills. Now, the stable version of MIUI 10 v10.2.2.0 has surfaced.

The patch includes the 960fps super slo-mo in its default camera app along with the 120 and 240fps mode that already exists. There is also a new night mode that is used for low-light scenes. It also weaves together up to 8 photos with separate exposure levels and does not fail to produce a less noisy, better exposed image. We can't wait to see how it actually works.

Sadly enough, the patch does not come with the famous 4K 60fps video recording features that they told us about last year so we may have to hold on until we get the February update. However, the 311MB OTA update sparks up the security patch to December 2018.