The top 10 Android Q features you should know

The top 10 Android Q features you should know:

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode is finally going to be available in Android Q but it’s not quite ready for prime time. The Dark Mode is hidden on the first Beta and it can be enabled using a command. The Dark Mode right now is quite wonky. It’s supported in the Settings app, notifications and even in some apps like Google Photos but it’s clearly far from done.

2. Privacy Protections

Android Q also won’t let apps launch an activity from the background. Google is also beefing up identity protection by automatically scrambling Mac address.

3. Sharing Shortcuts

The default sharing menu is finally getting an upgrade. It will be more consistent across apps. At the top, it will display the link, with a Copy button. Below that is a section of app targets. After that a list of supported apps.

4. Multitasking Gesture

While the gesture features in Android Q are the same, users can now use the iOS style app switching gesture. Just swipe left or right in an arc style to quickly switch to the most recent app.

5. Native Screen Recording

There’s a new, hidden screen recorder in Android Q that can be enabled from developer settings. Once enabled, it shows up in the Screenshot menu in the power button. The recorder can also record voice over and show taps when recording.

6. New Files app with Filters

The File Manager in Android hasn’t seen a meaningful update in years. Android Q finally fixes that. The Files app get an update to Google’s new Material Theme and it looks very much like Google’s Files app on the Play Store right now.

7. Undo Accidental Home Screen Icon Removal

When using the Pixel Launcher, you’ll now see a quick Undo button when you remove an app from the screen.

8. Share and Connect with Wi-Fi with QR Codes

Android Q will make it easy to share Wi-Fi connections between devices without actually sharing the passwords. This means you can keep a complex password and share the network using QR Code scanning feature.

9. Swipe Left on Notifications For Snooze Controls

Android Q is standardizing notification swipe gestures. Now when you swipe left you’ll get access to settings and snooze features. And the only way to dismiss a notification is by swiping right.

10. Support for AV1, HDR10, Opus Codecs

Android Q has support for new audio and video codecs. It has support for new open-source video codec AV1, audio encoding using Opus, and HDR10+. There’s a new API (MediaCodecInfo API) that helps app choose the best rendering engine.

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