The Vivo Apex 2019 is set to come out on January 24

Vivo was among the companies that failed to show off new smartphones at CES this year, however during the show, Vivo gave us an amazing teaser for a Waterdrop concept which is set to arrive on the 24th of January. A picture surfaced recently on Vivo's Weibo profile which identified the new phone as vivo APEX 2019.

Also, about year ago, the company made an introduction of its first vivo APEX concept which had a bezel-less screen, a pop-up camera and a UD scanner that covers the entire bottom half of the display.

A tipster has come forward to state that the device would overthrow previous ideologies that we all had of smartphones, and we are anticipating on what amazing designs we would see, if the screen would get to the rim or if we would see an entirely different thing that manufacturers have not been able to pull off.