This New Feature From Instagram Let User Share Single Post On Multiple Accounts

Instagram, the biggest image sharing app added a new feature a few months back, that allowed the user to run more than one account in a single smartphone, it helped a lot for the people who run there Instagram, and the business over the Instagram. But if someone has to share an image on multiple accounts, they still need to do it separately, but now Instagram is also making that much simpler,  the Facebook-owned Instagram is bringing a new feature to the app that allows the user to share an image on multiple accounts with just uploading once.

While uploading the image you can choose the accounts you want to share an image on by toggling the toggles on the screen.  This feature will surely help business people, influencers, and other people having more than one account. they can share the same image on multiple accounts. But also this will make Instagram a bit cluttery when people from different interests will see the same image. 

The feature is gradually rolling out globally on iOS. From the screenshot above, it appears that the program functionality is available at the last stage of the posting process; you can select which of your accounts you want to publish your post from at the same time.

Currently, the feature will be only available for the iOS users, but soon we can expect it to be available for Android users too. the feature will let you choose the accounts you want to share the image on at the last stage of the image sharing.