Top 10 gmail tips and tricks everyone needs to know

Top 10 Gmail tips and tricks everyone needs to know: Gmail is something we all use in our everyday use. Or it is the most widely used emailing service in the world. It has also envolved a lot in last some few years and the user experience factor is core factor behind it.
Google is updating gmail really fast and making it better for users. So for use its better to know what changes google is making to we can use its new feature.
So here we have list of top 10 google tricks and tips everyone must use.

1. Recall Sent Messages
We all make mistakes, sometime we send the mail without an attachment, or may be forgot to add some more lines, it may be any reason but many time we just want to recall the message. The problem is a very few people know how to to it.
To use this feature just go to settings via the ‘gear’ icon, in the “Undo Send” section check the box next to “Enable Undo Send”. And set timer according to your convenience.
After this is enabled, everytime you send a mail, gmail will notify you about mail sent and you will also notice the undo button in front of that.

2. Mute Noisy Email Threads
No one likes a lot of email which have no use, many companies are willing to offer you free credit cards and blah blah. And sometime there may be some annoying convo you just want to mute. So to mute them here is the trick.
To mute a convo, all future messages should go to direct archives, you just have to follow some simple steps. To do so just select the email and click on more dropdown menu in side of label and folder option here you will see many options. Just click on mute and you are good to go.

3. Smart Replies In Gmail Mobile App
We all wants to make things in lesser efforts, and when it comes to replying a email, how if you can do it minumum efforts. Here google comes handy. Now google analyze every email and suggest you some replies you can send. Like thank you and offers you all this on a single click. Currently this feature is only available in android and ios device.

4. Use Google Drive To Send Large Attachments
Many times we need to send large attachments , but google only allows you to sent attachment that are not larger than 25 mbs. So how to sent one if it is larger than 25 mbs. Here google drive comes handy.
To do so First up, upload the file you want to share on Google Drive, then go to Compose and then click on the Google Drive icon beside the attachments icon. You’re all set!

5. Use Boomerang to Snooze and Schedule Messages
Boomerang is a new feature in gmail that allows you to make sure that you dont recieve overhelming emails it also allows you to help you craft emails and replies that’ll actually get read by their recipients.

Its main feature is to queue up email and whenever you have time to reple and send them at the time that is suitable for sender to get them. Which works accross all time zones. And can clean your inbox at midnight. Also you can snooz emails in your inbox by setting a tine and it will come back to you on set time. It helps you to clutter your enbox.

6. Check Gmail Labs for New Features

You may have no idea about gmail labs. And trust me you are missing some great gmail tricks.
Gmail labs is a plave where gmail is tests features before making it a part of gmail and mostly of the features are incredibly useful. The main drawback of using this feature that they are not stable and can breakdown at any point ogf time .
Despite of these warnings if you still want to use this feature you will inf the gmail labs option in setting screen.

7. Scan Messages Quickly With the Preview Pane (Gmail Labs)

If you also want to view and respond to your emails without leaving the inbox and with taking less time. You can use the preview pane form gmail labs to view your email without leaving the inbox.
Enabling this feature adds a button that lets you allow to choose between a verticle preview and horizontal previous or may be no preview pane.

8. Filter Messages From Email Subscriptions

Gmail also ignores the characters comes after the plus symbol in the email address . for example the following email addresses go to the same address:-

You can add a plus symbol and the name of subscription after plus icon when you sign up for a subscription.
Next, set up a filter in Gmail to send all messages with the plus symbol and the name of the subscription to a specific label (folder).

9. Turn Off Gmail’s Inbox Tabs
Gmail by default comes with five tabs enabled, primary, social, promotion, updates and forums
But not everyone likes the same things, sometimes you just dont wanna to make a tab appear in your inbox.
So you can turn this extra tabs using by going to settings then inbox and then categories options.

10. Change the Star Setting to Rank Email Messages

You’ve probably noticed the little stars next to each message. Click the star, it turns yellow. The star is a great way to mark an important message. Wouldn’t it be great if you could differentiate between your important messages by marking them with different colors?

A little-known Gmail secret is that you can change the star settings in Gmail with the Settings > General > Stars option. There’s a total of twelve star options available, including different colored stars and other symbols such as exclamation points and even a question mark.