USB Implementers Forum Annouced USB4, THE future of USB

The speed we transfer data affect a lot in almost all the sectors, from your internet connection to a huge server, each second counts. And when we talk about USB, the slow speed of that long cable irritate you most of the time. But now the world is changing So does the USB tech. The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has made an announcement about the upcoming standard, USB 4. The USB 4 will be able to transfer data with a mindblowing speed of 40Gbps. This is just double the speed of what we have now with USB 3.2. 

With the boosted data throughput, and up to 100W of power transfer capabilities, the New USB can be used with external graphical cards and can output to two 4K monitors at a time. Till now all this stuff was only possible with Thunderbolt 3. The only big difference in USB 4 and Thunderbolt 3 is the USB 4 tech is royalty-free, so any manufacturer can use the technology without paying for a licence, and this will lead to a cheaper price for USB 4, compared to Thunderbolt 3.