Want to Buy a mid-range smartphone from Google? here is how

If you are waiting for Google to launch its mid-range Pixel 3A and Pizel 3A XL,  but as you know the company dint seems to launch it soon. But if your goal is to buy a mid-range google smartphone, then you can by Pixel 2 XL. Yes, you hear it right, Best Buy is offering the phone for $399.99.

When the phone was launched in 2017, the price of the smartphone was $450, looking at this price, the deal looks good. at least its better than going for the iPhone SE. And also you are the one who hates the Huge notch on the Pixel 3XL, and love smartphones from Google then what are you waiting for?

This smartphone is the Verizon version of the Pixel 2XL but must be working with all other cellular networks. you may need to activate the smartphone on Verizon and then you can switch to another network.