Want To Get Galaxy Buds for free? Here is How

Who doesn't love free stuff, then when the stuff is premium, everyone wants to have it. So let me clear the thing you are getting for free is free Galaxy Buds. But you know in the world nothing is free, you have to but Samsung galaxy S10, you can get the Galaxy Buds for free. 

Actually, Samsung is trying to get more and more customers for Galaxy S10 but putting more offers, so if you go with pre-order in companies next flagship, Galaxy S10, Samsung will gift you the new wirelessly charged Galaxy Buds for free.

The information was available on Samsung Russia website on the official S10 teaser page, so here all we can expect from the company is that this offer will be available elsewhere too. 

The site also hints that the company will start shipping for Galaxy S10 from March 8. As the pre-order for the smartphone, the pre-ordering will start from 20th February and you can place an order before March 7.