Whatsapp has Launched Biometric Authentication to Unlock the App

We have great news for the iOS users, WhatsApp has rolled out the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS users, that supports for biometric authentication to unlock the app. What does it mean is now users can set up the biometric lock for the App and no one can open the app without user's permission.  The new feature is part of the latest release for WhatsApp iOS version 2.19.20.

The smartphone which is gonna to support for face id is Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, while the fingerprint will be working for other devices. To activate the feature in your smartphone first you will have to first update the app from the store and then head to setting -> Account -> privacy and here you will need to enable the lock, Once you enable the feature the app won't be accessible without the user authentication.

The user can set up when to lock the app based on time limits, Either you can unlock the app after one minute, 15 minutes or an hour. If the user fails to authenticate then the app will ask for passwords to gain access.

WhatsApp is currently working on the same feature for the Andoird based smartphone according to WABetaInfo report. the feature will be available with fingerprint authentication only, we can expect WhatsApp to launch the update soon as the feature is in alpha testing for now.