Windows 10 October 2018 Update The 7 best new features

Windows update itself on regular basis, and with every update, there are some bugs obviously and some interesting features, in the latest release of October 2018. There are many new features you are gonna to love. Windows will soon start updating it to the PC’s but you can install it right now and I would recommend you to install it for a few reasons lets discuss that.

Clipboard history and cloud sync

We copy something, and we paste it somewhere, then again we copy other things and what it we again need the stuff we previously copied. There is no way to get it again without using any third party software. To use this new feature you would need to learn a new windows shortcut windows key + v. also you can sync your clipboard with the cloud so that you can access this on another pc you have logged in with same Microsoft account. Just hit the windows key and v, on the new pop up you can pin clips, delete them it’s super easy and super useful.

Dark mode for Microsoft apps

Many of us use the Pc at night, the light coming from the pc sometimes make it hard to use the pc. So Microsoft has introduced the new dark mode to help you with can use Microsoft apps in dark modes like File Explorer, Settings and the App Store black. To enable it you have to head to Settings > Personalization > Colors, scroll to the bottom and for Choose your default app mode, choose Dark.

SwiftKey keyboard

The most used keyboard app, the switkey keyboard is making its way to windows. If you have got a touchscreen laptop running on windows 10 update you can use it and I am sure it’s gonna to make your keyboard experience soo smooth.

New and (potentially) improved screenshot tool

We all take a lot of screenshots. And taking screenshots are more common then it used to be. So Microsoft has also made is much easier. The new Snip & Sketch tool is easy to access and use.

(Potentially) fewer annoying restarts for updates

The thing we all hate about windows is its restart on every update. So Microsoft is trying to reduce it. So maybe next time when you are updating your windows you may not have to restart the computer. Maybe it can use ai to predict the best time to update your pc. So you don’t have to your hurling your laptop through the nearest window.

Your Phone app

Your Phone is available to download from windows store now, it allows you to share images between your pc and android. It makes photo sharing very easy and you don’t have to email photos to yourself anymore. In the new update, this app will be included in windows. So you don’t have to download it separately,