Xiaomi is Launching its Third Gaming Smartphone this year

One of the leading smartphone manufacturer company, Xiaomi which entered into the market by making an affordable smartphone is ready to launch its third gaming smartphone. "The Black Shark 2".

On a post on Weibo, the product directory of the company Wang Teng Thomas announced that he has seen the new smartphone and the phone is full of personality and is very cool.

black shark.jpg

We had some hints that the company is working on its next gaming smartphone and the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 588, with 8GB of ram and will run on Android 9Pie.

getting back to the previous gaming smartphones from the company, the black shark was launched in April 2018 and then Black Shark Helo With 10GB of RAM in October of the same year. Which was powered with 10GB of RAM.  From the sources now we can expect the company to launch the phone in near April.