Xiaomi Launched its New Mesh Router In China

With manufacturing affordable smartphones, Xiaomi is also launching new products with smart technology at a lower price. Now the company has launched its first meth router in its home country, that is China. The new router is named MiWiFi.  The router is powered with four amplifiers which can deliver the speed of 2,567MBPS on a basic meth network. The price of the router is not revealed yet, and also the router is not available for commercial use for now. and the router will pass the beta testing before making its way to the market.

Coming to the specifications, the router is cylindrical in shape with an LED ring around it. As we have already said that the router has four amplifiers on it, and there are two signal amplifiers at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The router also supports three gigabit Ethernet ports to connect with the ISP's set-top box.  Once you connect it with one port, two extra ports automatically work as LAN ports. To configure the routes, the user can make use of an android app on the phone.