Xiaomi Launched Mi Mens Sports Shoes 2 in India

If you are a technology freak and want to try out the smart shoes 2 from Xiaomi, then the good news is Xiaomi finally launched its Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2 in India. The shoes are currently available on the companies crowdfunding platform, we can expect them on sale very soon once it hits some target there.

For now the price of the shoes is 2,499 Rs while the shoes are on the crowdfunding platform, but they will be available on sale for Rs 2,999. You can buy the shoes from today and the company will start delivering the shoes by March 15.

The Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2 are nothing more than a standard pair of shoes. shoes are shock-absorbent, durable and slip-resistant with the 5-in-1 uni-molding technology. The fishbone structure makes the should comfortable and provide support for accidental sprains. You can also wash the shoes in the machine and currently, the shoes are available in three colors, Black, Dark Gray, and Blue.