Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 teardown video shows magnets of its unique sliding mechanism

Wonder what brings about that "springy" effect in between two halves of the Xiaomi MI Mix 3? Well, it is caused two pairs of strong neodymium magnets that act as a mainstay for the halves, holding them in both the up and down positions.

Want to know how this unique sliding mechanism works? You can watch Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything take the phone apart on this video, https://youtu.be/2mRXgZTUm8s

Two of magnets are visible at 2:35, the other two are situated behind the screen. The two pairs align perfectly when the Mi Mix 3 is closed and push each other away when you slide it open. There’s a ribbon cable that passes through an opening in the motherboard and connects the two halves.

This is different from that of the Honor Magic 2, which  Huawei is calling a “butterfly five-track sliding mechanism”. You watch it perform in this teardown.

It appears that Xiaomi put a lot of effort to protect the ribbon cable and other internal components that could be damaged as it is being slid open and close. Officially, they boasted the Mi Mix 3 can withstand 300,000 slides, but further independent experiments suggested that it can do 600,000 slides without substantial damages, which means it can last up to 6 years given that you slide open the phone on an average of 200 times a day.