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Samsung is gonna to launch two smartphones soon

The Samsung Galaxy A series is supposed to have Five smartphones, now the last two members of the family are to be launched in the market. The Galaxy A60 and Galaxy A70 are spotted on TENAA with some images and basic specs

Samsung's fold design is bad, Claimed Huawei's CEO

He said to Business Insider that Huawei was working on three different designs of a foldable smartphone at a time. He also claimed that one of the design was much similar to Samsung Galaxy fold, but was "even better than that" as he said. He added that

Samsung Note 10 may Have Four Camera Setup At Rear

From the rumour mill, the model number of the smartphone will be SM-N975F, there is something unusual in the model number is it does not end with 0, like all other Galaxy Note model. there are some reasons behind them, according to some rumours that are because the phone may come with both 4G and 5G support.