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How to access a laptop without the password

How to access a laptop without the password

How to access a laptop without the password: It’s simply done: you forget your Windows password and didn’t create a password hint. Here are a couple of stuff you will do to do to log in without the password.

Obviously we offer these tips on the basis you’re aiming to use them on your own pc, and not for accessing someone else’s. Clearly, we don’t condone that.

First, simply just in case it saves time, check you haven’t accidentally pressed Caps Lock. you will be writing the right password, however since they’re case-sensitive, it won’t be recognized.

Use the hidden administrator account
We’ll mainly deal with Windows seven here because in Windows ten you’re likely to be using a Microsoft account, instead of a local Windows login. Click here to go to the Windows ten password reset section, that also covers Windows 8.

Windows 7 (and some previous versions) have an administrator account that isn’t visible in normal use.

Note: this technique might not work if the account has been disabled, that it’s by default in some Windows seven installations.

-Start up (or re-start) your pc and press F8 repeatedly
-From the menu that appears, select Safe Mode
-Key in “Administrator” in Username (note the capital A), and leave the password blank.
-You should be logged in to safe mode.
-Go to board, then User Accounts
-Select the account you would like to reset the password
-Change the password.

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