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How to check battery performance in iOS 12

How to check battery performance in iOS 12

As technology is change everyday and leaving us amazed with the features we never assumed of. It is also getting complicated. In any smartphone and most important part is battery. A smartphone with better battery and less features is always better in compare with a amazing smartphone with tons of features and doesn’t even last for some couple of hours. But it not always hardware which have impact on battery life on your smartphone sometime some apps running in background tasks a whole heap of battery and you don’t even know about it.

So it is always a great idea to keep and eye on battery usage of your iPhone so now the question arise is how to do soo. So don’t worry as always we are here with you to help you out with this.just follow some straightforward steps with us to check battery usage in your iphone.

Step 1:
Open the settings app and then head to battery.

Step 2:
Here you will see some graphs that will show you battery level and usage statistics in last 24 Hours.

Step 3:

Below That you will find some detailed report for specific apps

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