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How to clean-up disk space in windows

How to clean-up disk space in windows

How to clean-up disk space in windows: If you are running out of space in your hard disk and want some free space, here are some quick tricks you’ll use to have some free gigs in your hardisk. however these options can solely take you so far — if you would like a lot of space, you will got to upgrade your hardware or consider deleting a few of those raw image files.

Empty the Recycle Bin
When you delete items, like files and photos, from your computer, they do not instantly get deleted. Instead, they sit within the Recycle Bin and still take up valuable hard-drive space. To empty the Recycle Bin, head to your desktop, right-click on the Recycle Bin and click on Empty Recycle Bin. you may see a warning pop-up asking if you’re sure you would like to permanently delete your Recycle Bin items. Click yes to proceed.

Disk Cleanup
Luckily windows comes with a built in feature that you can find in start menu and helps to delete many unnecessary files like, system error memory dump files, temporary internet files and even previous Windows installations which will still be there.

You can find Disk Cleanup within the start menu, under All apps > Windows administrative Tools > Disk Cleanup. choose the drive you would like to clean up and hit OK, then wait while Disk Cleanup calculates what quantity space you’ll free up. If you would like to delete system files, like the Windows.old folder (which holds your previous installations of Windows, and might be several GB in size), click Cleanup system files.

Delete temporary and downloaded files
You can delete temporary files without running Disk Cleanup, with the files you downloaded and no longer you need them to do so. visit Settings then System and click on on Storage on the left panel. Next, click This computer at the top and so Temporary files from the list. Check the boxes for Temporary files and Downloads folder go and then click the remove files button.

Turn on Storage Sense
If you are running on Windows ten Creators Update, then good news is Windows is going to help you with with freeing up space. Now head to setting and then storage page and toggle on Storage sense. Now, Windows will automatically delete unused temporary files, also as files that have been within the Recycle Bin for quite thirty days.

Save files to a different drive
If your laptop has multiple disc drives or a partitioned hard drive, you will end up running out of space on one drive or partition. And you can fix this by changing default location for document, pictures, music etc. To do this, open the Settings menu and visit System > Storage. under Save locations, choose a different drive for every of the categories. you’ll choose any drive — even a removable drive, like a USB flash drive or a memory card — that’s connected to your pc.

Uninstall apps
We all have some apps and softwares that we downloaded but use no longer either apps we have installed and forgotten about, or bloatware that came preinstalled on your laptop from the manufacturer. to find out that apps are taking over space, open the Settings menu and visit System > Apps and opt for sort by size. To uninstall an app from this menu, click the app so click Uninstall.

These were some ideas you can follow to have some extra space in your computer hard drive.

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