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How to tweak your Instagram privacy settings

How to tweak your Instagram privacy settings

How to tweak your Instagram privacy settings: The Cambridge Analytica scandal is inflicting massive woes for Facebook, with major firms and celebrities going away the social network and even folks on Facebook’s team suggesting it might be time to delete your account.

But what concerning your Instagram privacy? Facebook owns Instagram, after all, therefore it’d be time to look at your presence on that social network also.

If you’re trying to deactivate or delete your Instagram account, we’ve already got a great article detailing those steps for you. However, if you wish to remain on the social network, however simply control your Instagram privacy settings a bit more, follow on here and we’ll show you ways.

-Set your account to private
-Instagram Privacy private switch

The best thing you’ll be able to do to manage your Instagram privacy is set your account to private. By default, your account is public, which means anyone will see your photos, read your profile, see what photos you’ve liked , read your comments, etc. Setting your account to personal now secures your Instagram privacy.

To set your account to private, open the Instagram app and hit the profile icon at the bottom of the screen (it sounds like a person). within the upper right-hand corner, hit the 3 dots icon to enter the options page. Scroll down a touch, and you’ll see a setting tagged “Private Account.” tap the switch there to make it blue.

A box can appear informing you of what making your account non-public suggests that and ask you to verify. act and hit “OK” and your account is instantly private.

Instagram Privacy private Box

What will making your account non-public mean? It means solely folks that follow you may be able to see your content, as well as photos, videos, comments, likes, etc. moreover, once your account is private, the sole approach people are ready to follow your account is by getting your permission initial. This ensures the sole folks that will see your content are folks you know.

However, keep in mind that if your account was once public, your data is still out there. Google Image Search, for example, may still state your pre-private photos. however going forward, any new content you create won’t be indexed and can remain private.

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