iPhone XR Beats Pixel 2 to Become ‘Top-Rated Single-Lens Phone’, Says DxOMark

Image Credit: BGR

A photo score of 103, video score of 96, and overall score of 101, DxOMark has ranked the iPhone XR as the “top-ranked single-lens phone”.  The iPhone XR scored an impressive 103 for still photos. This included great scores for Exposure and Contrast (90), Colour (82), and Autofocus (99). Low light photography was regarded to be “very good”, however detail got reduced substantially in extreme low light conditions. Very slight luminance noise was visible in the flat areas in the iPhone XR outdoor images.

Texture and sharpness were recorded to be “extremely well” in indoor situations. DxOMark notes that images are brighter on the iPhone XR, compared to those on the Google Pixel 2.

For video scores, DxOMark gave the iPhone XR a great score of 96. The review states that the iPhone XR has a “very similar video performance” to the iPhone XS Max.


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